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3 Safety Tips For Storing Fuel In Your Manufacturing Plant

Keeping fuel on hand in your manufacturing plant is incredibly convenient. Then, when your equipment needs a fill-up, you do not have to worry about going off-site. It's smart to buy bulk amounts of the fuels that you use often, since it can allow you to get the fuel at more reasonable rates and can help prevent your factory from running out in an emergency situation. However, if you are going to be storing bulk amounts of fuel on-site, you have to think about the safety of everyone in the building. Luckily, following these safety tips can help you store fuel in your manufacturing plant the right way.

1. Use the Right Types of Tanks/Containers

Not all fuels can be stored in the same type of container, and it isn't a good idea to store one type of fuel in a container that was once used to store something else. Instead, make sure that you purchase tanks or containers -- depending on how much your factory uses and how much fuel you plan on storing on-site -- that are rated for the type of fuel that you will be storing.

2. Provide Labels and Signage

You will also want to make sure that your employees -- as well as anyone else who might end up inside your manufacturing plant and near your tanks or containers -- are well aware of what they are encountering. Label each of your fuel containers properly; not only will this help with safety, but it will help cut down on confusion and will also help prevent the wrong type of fuel from being poured into the wrong type of equipment. Also, make sure that there are ample signs in the area where the fuel is stored to let employees and others know what is being stored there.

3. Choose the Right Location for Fuel Storage

Another important thing to consider is the location where you will be storing your fuel. It is best to keep it away from excessive heat and any open flames, such as areas where welding equipment might be in use or areas where employees might smoke. Separating the fuel storage area somehow from the rest of the property -- such as installing a fence around the fuel storage area -- can be a good way to keep people safe while also helping to prevent fuel theft, which can be more common than many people think. Talk to a supplier, like Small & Sons Oil Dist Co, for more.