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Learn About Mobile Computers

If you are used to using your regular computer for your work and Internet needs, then you should leap into current times and consider getting yourself a mobile computer. Once you see just how convenient mobile computing is and just how much freedom it has to offer you, it will leave you wondering why you didn't jump on board with mobile computing sooner. This article will introduce you to some of the different options that are available to you that care considered to be Zebra mobile computers and that you can use from locations away from home:

A notebook computer – A notebook computer is very similar to a laptop computer. It looks like a miniature version of a laptop and it allows you to enjoy many of the same functions. One of the major differences that you may notice that separates the two is the fact that a notebook computer will generally not have a disk drive. This is due to the fact that it is too small in size for one to be built in to its design. Notebook computers vary in size, just as laptops do, but they generally range from seven to nine inches. They can be used with and without wireless connectivity and many models have webcams installed on them as well.

A tablet – A tablet is like a cross between a notebook computer and a smart phone. It is a mobile computer that is very easy to take on the go and allows you to access the Internet. It doesn't offer a disk drive, but allows you to download different types of apps and install them on it, so you can use your tablet for your individual needs. Although a tablet has a touchscreen like a smartphone, you can purchase an add-on keyboard with most models that allows you to type as if you were on a regular computer, instead of tapping on the screen like you would need to do on a smart phone.

IPad – An iPad is much like a tablet, except it is put out by Apple and this means that it uses different software and offers you some unique capabilities that separate it from a tablet. At first glance, you may not be able to tell the different between a tablet and an iPad, but you'll see the differences upon starting it up. You will have access to apps that are designed specifically for Apple products.